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Which types of pile are available to you?

dreamstime_xxl_6040678There are many different types of pile for different types of conditions.

Here is a basic guide to the types of pile we can work with.

Displacement Piles

Mini Piles 100, 150 & 175mm diameter available

Mini piles are steel tubular castings driven into the ground with an air powered bottom driven mole until a “pile set” is achieved. The casing is then cut off to the exact height required and filled with C35 concrete and a central T16 bar left projecting to tie into the pile cap.

Cased Piles 225 & 273mm diameter available

These are similar to mini piles but normally driven to a set depth with a drop hammer rig mounted on a crawler rig.

Bored Piles Auger piles – 150 – 300mm diameter available

Holes are drilled into the ground to suitable strata by a compact hydraulic crawler rig. The bored holes are then filled with C35 concrete and T16 bars.

Pile Summary

Pile Type Diameter (mm) Casing Concrete Reinforcing Bars Guide Max Depth Guide Pile Load
Mini Pile 100 Permanent C35 Central T16 Bar 8m 55kn
Mini Pile 150 Permanent C35 Central T16 Bar 12m 100kn
Cased Pile 220 Permanent C35 Central T16 Bar 20m 200kn
Cased Pile 273 Permanent C35 4 Bars T12 Helix 25m 280kn
Auger 150 Nil C35 Central T16Bar 7m 80kn
Auger 200 Nil C35 Central T16 Bar 10m 150kn
Auger 300 Nil C35 4 Bars T12 Helix 20m 200kn