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Specialist Foundations have over 30 years experience in offering piling services to a highly diverse client base.

With our comprehensive fleet of CFA, rotary bored and driven rigs we can handle a wide variety of projects across the residential, commercial, industrial and public sectors. From new builds to major infrastructure projects Specialist Foundations will work closely with you to provide a piling service that is tailored to your needs.

We offer cost effective, project managed solutions to meet the requirements of your construction project and our extensive experience in the industry has enabled us to provide piling services that fit in with your budget and project deadlines.

The types of piling that we specialise in include CFA Piling, Rotary Piling and Driven Piling:
CFA Piling – Continuous Flight Auger piling requires no casings or drilling fluids and is a cost effective solution for piling foundations in gravels, sands and low grade rock.

Rotary Piling – This type of piling is used in laying foundations in dry stable soils and rocks.

Driven Piling – This is used where there are soft and alluvial soils covering thick sands and gravels.

We also provide Mini Piling services for a broad range of projects. Please see the Mini Piling section of our website for more information.

All structures need the support of solid foundations to handle the loadings placed on them. At Specialist Foundations we appreciate that every project is different and may require a bespoke approach when it comes to providing a piling service. We understand the environment that we work within and can provide the expertise that you need for the terrain and type of construction that you are working with.

On any project there is usually a series of technical, logistical and operational challenges. Construction work tends to require significant quantities of different materials and the need to work with large machinery in confined spaces. Specialist Foundations are well practised in dealing with these types of issues and we can operate extensive piling services with the minimum of disruption to the surrounding area.

Our team of highly experienced civil engineers work in close partnership with architects, structural engineers and building contractors to provide the very best in professional piling services to the domestic, commercial and industrial market. In addition, our in-house design expertise allows us to provide the most effective solution for the demands of your project.

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